Did I get a Booost?

As you know, I was kindly sent a free sample of Booost Oxygen. I was so excited for it to come, as I have never tried or even heard of a product like this!

Ill keep it short and sweet!

So very promptly it arrived in the post
I even got a free bag!

( The bag didn't come with mud on, I took it to football!)

So I took 5 shots before my football match; initially my throat felt...open! Sounds silly, I know. But I felt as if I could breath easier, which gave me confidence to go all out.

Throughout the match I normally will run short bursts after running from defense to upfront and again, and again; Then I would need, say 20-30 seconds of lazy walking to catch my breath. But after using Booost I didn't notice myself standing around to recover because I was so out of breath.

Now, I have only used this in one game...and I can say that I felt somewhat 'fitter' But I will continue to use it and i'm sure will see even greater benefits!

For the elite athlete this is an ideal product, I can see it becoming a must have product for those who do intense exercise regularly.

And who knows, I may decide to go professional....and Booost will always be in my boot bag ;)

Have you tried Booost?



  1. I work for booost, so I'm totally biased. BUT, I know exactly what you mean about somehow "feeling fitter." It's so hard to describe that feeling!



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